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Addiction to alcohol is a disease that creates an imbalance between body and mind, making it difficult to maintain control over one’s well-being.  Eventually, alcohol dependence can become so severe that it becomes a priority—and you may lose the ability to stick to your commitments, follow your ambitions, and stay connected with those who matter most in your life.

While there are many possible ways to seek help for alcohol addiction, those looking to achieve long-term sobriety often turn to luxury alcohol treatment centers that give clients the ability to focus on wellness. Aiming to restore the mind-body balance, Costa Rica Recovery applies proven personalized recovery methods all within a tranquil environment that nourishes the individual. 

If you or someone you care about is ready to find a life beyond alcohol addiction, use this guide to shed more light on the matter and how alcohol rehab in Costa Rica can help.


You don’t have to do it alone

What Is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction—also known as alcohol use disorder—is an extremely common health issue that’s estimated to impact more than 15 million Americans. This disease is defined by excessive alcohol use and the inability to control it. Despite the personal and societal consequences of heavy drinking, affected individuals become physically dependent on the substance and are unable to stop and will typically make alcohol the ever-present priority in their lives.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol use disorder doesn’t appear the same way in every person who is affected by it. However, people struggling with the addiction will have an unhealthy relationship with the substance. For example, they may drink excessively in short periods, drink to the point of blacking out, drink continuously throughout the day, or disguise their use of alcohol. 

Alcohol dependence may also be recognized in other ways outside of a person’s drinking habits. Some people may exhibit short-term memory loss, experience extreme and unpredictable mood swings, or stop meeting family and work responsibilities. Others may become isolated from loved ones or stop taking care of themselves. It’s also possible that a person may show physical signs of alcohol dependence—such as frequent sweating, loss of coordination, shakiness, unexplainable skin redness, or slurred speech.

The Most Effective Treatment for Alcohol Dependence

There are many effective approaches to treating alcohol dependence. And in many cases, individuals will find long-term recovery by enrolling in an in-patient rehab for alcohol addiction. Treatment centers for alcohol addiction are often successful because they remove people from triggers and distractions while allowing them to focus solely on recovery in a supportive environment. 

In rehab, clients typically develop personalized recovery plans which involve several effective treatment methods for alcohol dependence—such as the use of prescription medications, alcohol addiction therapy and counseling, physical wellness programs, anger management, and stress reduction. 

Our Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program at Costa Rica Recovery

Opened in 2006, Costa Rica Recovery is an accredited and licensed alcohol treatment center led by a caring team of trained and experienced recovery specialists. Our top-rated luxury alcohol rehab welcomes clients at all stages of recovery—including those who are just beginning their journey to sobriety, as well as those looking to maintain sobriety during stressful periods. 

Our international alcohol treatment center is nestled within the picturesque community of San Jose in Costa Rica. Within a spacious, open, and uncluttered living environment, clients can relax and maintain focus on their recovery. In addition to supporting therapeutic resources, the facilities are designed to encourage all aspects of healthy living, allowing clients to rest, eat, meditate, stay active, and enjoy natural surroundings.

How to Find the Best Alcohol Treatment for You

Since there are many options for alcohol addiction recovery, it’s important to carefully consider your options and focus on those that best fit your goals, personality, and specialized treatment needs. But if you’re unsure, you can turn to luxury alcohol treatment centers—such as Costa Rica Recovery—to introduce you to many effective methodologies for long-term sobriety. These providers will carefully review your needs to develop a personalized recovery plan that can include several effective solutions—such as cognitive behavioral therapy, group counseling, stress reduction, and 12-step approaches.   

To get started, it’s best to speak directly with an admissions counselor. These caring professionals will learn about your situation, explain how their facility can help, and provide details on what to expect as a client.

Why Choose Costa Rica Recovery’s Treatment Center for Alcohol Addiction?

Many choose Costa Rica Recovery for its personalized approach to alcohol addiction recovery, supportive environment, and an expansive team of substance abuse professionals. But when compared to other luxury alcohol treatment centers, Costa Rica Recovery is unique for providing care in an international setting. 

So what are the benefits when you compare domestic vs international drug & alcohol rehab options?

For many, seeking recovery abroad is an ideal way to isolate and find seclusion from one’s home environment. Removed from a domestic stateside setting, clients are free from distractions and triggers that may only make their recovery journey more difficult. They are also granted a higher level of privacy that allows them to heal without fear of being judged by their local communities. 

Alcohol rehab in Costa Rica is also extremely affordable in comparison with alcohol treatment centers in the US. Due to Costa Rica’s lower cost of living, in-patient rehabilitation may cost only 25% of what a similar program in the United States would charge.

Finally, being in a foreign environment helps provide a completely new perspective. By living in a different natural environment and experiencing a different culture, clients can actively embrace a new beginning that makes long-term recovery more possible. 

Get Help for Your Alcohol Addiction at Costa Rica Recovery

Taking the first step toward sobriety can be intimidating, but our supportive team at Costa Rica Recovery is ready to help at every stage of the journey. To learn more about what our luxury alcohol rehab offers and how you can become a client, click the button below or call (866) 804-1793 to speak with a compassionate counselor. These calls are free and confidential, allowing you to explore your options without any pressure.