CADAC II Executive Director: After serving with the US Army 5th Special Forces Group in Vietnam, Jim had a 30-year career in Real Estate managing shopping centers for ITT, General Electric, Prudential Insurance and Travelers Insurance.  Jim’s second career began with the Hazelden Foundation at their facility in West Palm Beach, Florida.

    Jim began working on the men’s units until his sixth year when he was recruited to become a member of the Clinical Leadership Team and eventually the Executive Leadership Team, finally chairing the Education Team.  His responsibilities included the supervision of the professional addiction training Institute, the Physician Faculty Training Program and he led the internship programs with eight Master degree programs.  Jim was sent to Costa Rica as a consultant/expert in 2002 to make a presentation on the Minnesota model to governmental agencies responsible for health care in Costa Rica.  He was contracted to become the Clinical Director of ACERPA in San Jose to implement the Hazelden Addiction Treatment Model.  Jim is one of the founders of Costa Rica Recovery.

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    Rich Lebow