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Welcome to Costa Rica Recovery, a holistic, alternative addiction treatment solution that teaches clients to stretch the limits while enjoying life free from substance abuse. This addiction treatment center teaches clients how to bond while on recovery adventures in Costa RIca. You can see more about our recovery adventures here

Let’s face it getting clean is not an easy journey, which is why Costa Rica Recovery has combined traditional treatment using their modified Minnesota model combined with a holistic alternative touch that incorporates Yoga, meditation, daily gym visits and some of the best food including fresh fruits and vegetables that promote the natural detoxification of the cells.

For people getting clean, Costa Rica Recovery is the perfect solution to learn how to really live and enjoy life without the use of drugs or alcohol. To find out about our affordable treatment solutions click here.

Sober travelers looking for recovery adventures in Costa Rica rave about Costa Rica Recovery’s Sober Living Retreat House!

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Sober travelers visiting Costa Rica can also join the fun because this rehab clinic ​has a sober living safe sober housing available to visitors who want to stay in recovery and avoid trouble. .

Costa Rica Recovery also has an excellent relationship with the recovery community. As a resident of our sober living home you’ll get immediately integrated with one of the most committed recovery communities out there. What a better way to enjoy your time by having an instant network of similiar minded people you can connect with.


Recent Posts

White Water Rafting Recovery Adventures

Last week we piled in the van and hit the road to the interior of the country. We couldn’t wait to get our rafts and paddles in the water and head down some class 4 rapids, feeling the water splash in our faces, and the excitement of the speed that the river carries us.

Our recovery retreats for our patients include these occasional heart racing paddle adventures down the Pacuare River.

Every time we get those rafts in the river nobody knows what’s it’s going to be like because no ride is every the same.

Each time it’s a new adventure and thanks to our friends and staff at the Pacuare Lodge. They really know how to make things fun and exciting while keeping it safe.

Recovery is about learning how to make the most out of each moment. You don’t need substances to feel alive and be part of the world.

There are so many outrageously beautiful and fun things to see, explore and experience.

Getting & staying clean doesn’t have to be the end. On the contrary, it is a new beginning, fresh start, or that clean slate we always wanted.

Whale Watching at the Famous Corcovado Tent Camp in Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula

Just a few weeks back we hit the road to head out to the Osa Peninsula to head out down the river to Drake Bay. We just love to visit our good friend Larry who hosts the center on our recovery adventures.

Larry has been in Costa RIca for a long time and he loves to have sober travelers at his little slice of heaven. In order to get to Larry’s oasis in the sand you have to take a boat.

Larry’s got an ocean full of fresh fish and an endless amount of serenity at his camp and we’re always happy and real grateful to pay him a visit. You can check out Larry’s digs at the Corcovado Tent Camp in Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula.

Beautiful Secluded Beaches & Mountains for Sober Travelers

Beautiful mountain and beach retreats is what Costa Rica is all about. We’re fired up every time we pack the bus and head out to one of these sober retreat oasis’s we’re we can enjoy the peace and beauty of what this country is all about. Having newcomers join in the fun and watch their eyes light up while they take in the breathless beauty of our recovery retreats never gets old.

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