We are a group of caring individuals that all share the same goal; Making sure our patients get the best treatment possible.

James Dopp Mueller
James Dopp MuellerPresident
After serving with the US Army 5th Special Forces Group in Vietnam, Jim had a 30-year career in Real Estate managing shopping centers for ITT, General Electric, Prudential Insurance and Travelers Insurance.

Jim’s second career began with the Hazelden Foundation at their facility in West Palm Beach, Florida. He began working on the men’s unit. He then worked on the older adult unit, and then was promoted to the education department. His responsibilities included the supervision of the professional addiction training Institute, the Physician Faculty Training Program and he led the internship programs with eight Master degree programs. He eventually became the chairman of the Education Team, a member of the Clinical Leadership Team, and ultimately, a member of the Executive Leadership Team.

Jim was sent to Costa Rica as a consultant/expert in 2002 to make a presentation on the Minnesota model to governmental agencies responsible for health care in Costa Rica. He was contracted to become the Clinical Director of ACERPA in San Jose to implement the Hazelden Addiction Treatment Model.

Jim is one of the founders of Costa Rica Recovery.

Laura Roca del Solar, B.A., M.S.
Laura Roca del Solar, B.A., M.S.Administrative Director
Laura maintains administrative staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees. Also by communicating job expectations and appraising job results. She ensures a safe, secure, and well-maintained facility that meets environmental, health, and security standards. In her free time, she likes to go to the beach and enjoy nature with her family. She likes music and arts.
Deborah Schmidt
Deborah Schmidt Clinical Director
Deborah deeply understands the plight of women that are first getting into treatment and then continuing on the recovery journey. Deborah’s mission is to carry the message of hope in recovery to female patients at the center. Deborah’s holistic approach to recovery, combined with compassion and an alternative style of recovery coaching, offers women a real opportunity to put the past behind them and travel the road to recovery. Every woman who passes through the office to seek Deborah’s guidance comes away with hope for the future. Deborah works to help women overcome the trauma that often keeps them from committing to a recovery program.
Sharon Fallas
Sharon FallasHumanistic Psychologist
“As a humanistic psychologist with an emphasis on Gestalt, her work is aimed not only at helping the
patient to overcome their symptoms or conflicts, but also to help them grow as a person, work on the blockages that prevent them from achieving self realisation in their life; this through the work of the “awareness”, providing the
opportunity to regain balance.
She gives special attention to build and develop tools that helps dealing
with different life scenarios”.
Dra. Rosario de Vega
Dra. Rosario de Vega Staff Physician
Dra. de Vega is a Cincinnati, Ohio US trained family physician, who has practiced in Costa Rica since 2010. She has worked with Costa Rica Recovery since 2016 and has helped many patients overcome their acute withdrawal symptoms along with their detox programs. She is in charge of evaluating each patient that comes into Costa Rica Recovery and elaborating on an individual and well-titrated medication plan to alleviate any withdrawal symptoms. She is our on-call physician and is always available to address any medical condition a patient may present during their stay at Costa Rica Recovery.
Dr. Francisco Jimenez Marten
Dr. Francisco Jimenez MartenPsychiatry Specialist
Costa Rica university
Substance Abuse Scholar
Johns Hopkins University

He worked at the Institute of Alcoholism and Drug dependency in the Departments of External Consultation, Detoxification, Rehabilitation and Research.

Former director of Addictive Disorders Treatment Centers:
Country House, Serenity House, Serenity House

He has worked in epidemiological and clinical-pharmacological research in both psychiatry and addictions.

He has 38 years of experience in private psychiatric consultation and in the area of ​​addictive behaviors.

Currently attending Clinica Serenidad, Curridabat.

Monica Otero
Monica OteroAddiction Counselor
Monica has been involved in recovery for the past 23 years being an active member of 12 Step Recovery programs. She has several certifications in the coaching field which qualify her to guide and support our clients and motivate them while holding them accountable so they can achieve a vision of change from active addiction to active Recovery.

She is also a facilitator and mentor specializing in coaching for Addiction coaches. She has been asked to speak in several institutions in Costa Rica and Internationally. For the summer of 2011 She was part of the counseling team for 400 teenagers in areas of Spiritual wellness, emotional physical health.

Her experience as Project developer in FundaVida , an NGO with the mission to rescue youth at risk of addiction and delinquent behavior in extreme poverty and marginal areas has served over 500 kids.

James Biasucci
James BiasucciCASAC (Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor), Master Fitness Trainer, Mind-Body Medicine Expert, 2000hr Yoga + Yoga Therapy
JJ has worked in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years with 16 years growing in his own personal recovery from addiction. His training and experience includes: Marines Corp as a martial arts, survival swimming, kickboxing, yoga, movement therapy, functional fitness, ancient mind-body exercises, meditation, behavioral and substance abuse counseling. JJ has worked with veterans of war, veterans of the war on drugs, and anyone trying to overcome major obstacles in their life, whether it be severe trauma or heart disease, cancer, addiction ,or simply trying to decrease the amount of medication they are taking. His clients come from every walk of life and praise JJ’s creative approach, unique presence of being, and dedication to serving others.
Ingrid Barquero
Ingrid BarqueroSocial Worker
Ingrid was born in Costa Rica. She is a professional social worker who provides guidance on a variety of difficult life issues. She is interested in guiding the patients to establish a new lifestyle after treatment and help them to create goals that encourage them to continue their recovery. Ingrid also works with families and provides counseling.

She is always willing to help and listen to others, is empathetic and compassionate. This includes helping patients integrate into the 12-step community in their local area post-treatment.

Mark DeWaard
Mark DeWaardHouse Manager
Mark takes care of the patients in residence. Canadian by birth, Mark is a longtime member of the local 12 Step groups and resident of Costa Rica. He is a family man who enjoys sports and playing guitar. Mark lovingly looks after patients during their time of growth.
Chris Wright
Chris WrightHouse Manager
A resident of the United States, Chris is a former patient of CRR and an active member of the recovery community in San Jose. He has a genuine desire to help and work with other addicts. He is a chef by trade and has made his food available to the patients from time to time. In his free time he enjoys running, yoga, painting, the beach, reading and hiking. He is happy to be part of the CRR team.
Girlannie Lara
Girlannie LaraHead Chef
Girlannie has dedicated her life to cooking healthy food. She is an avid practitioner of dynamic weight training, dance, and nutritional science. She focuses on delivering a healthy menu to help patients heal during this critical period. Girlannie has years of Recovery herself so she is sensitive and caring toward the needs of persons in early Recovery.
Rosa Canales
Rosa CanalesChef
Food is energy – it restores the body and its essential for life. Quality food choices are important for any type of recovery program. Costa Rica Recovery believes in nutritional coaching, which is why we serve fresh fruits and vegetables with every meal. Costa Rica has an abundance of excellent fresh food choices and we incorporate them into our program.
Gustavo Chavarria
Gustavo ChavarriaMaintenance
Gustavo makes sure that everything stays in working order. We appreciate all that he does for us!
Elizabeth Lescano Perez
Elizabeth Lescano PerezMaintenance
Isa makes sure that everything looks clean and organized. We appreciate all she does for us.
Laura Sibaja
Laura SibajaSound Healing Therapist
Her goal is to restore the balance and fluidity of each person´s natural state, operating on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. The vibration and sound of the instruments that we use together with the application of reiki in the session harmonizes the brain waves and introduces you to a deep state of relaxation that favors healing and translates into a feeling of unity: body, mind, and spirit making them work in harmony, increasing well-being and providing great peace.
Karla Zeledon
Karla Zeledon Yoga Instructor
I like to practice Hatha yoga or “vinyasa flow”: It is a practice whose objective is physical and mental transformation, always seeking the balance between flexibility and strength. It has a combination of guided meditations, postures, and breathing techniques. It can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age or physical condition.
It has a restorative effect on the entire body by improving the functioning of all the body’s organs, promoting sleep, balancing tension, and helping digestion.
It helps to release tensions, providing spiritual peace, relaxation and helps you feel happy with yourself, focus, and be aware of every action you take.
Meblyn Leal Ruiz
Meblyn Leal RuizMasseuse
We provide professional massage service with a variety of techniques or relaxing with lymphatic drainage which helps you relax with anxiety control and the detoxification process.

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