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Please find our current list of English speaking 12 step meetings across Costa Rica. While we will make every effort to have an updated list, we are not responsible for changes in individual meeting times, locations, or contact information. Costa Rica Recovery does not sponsor any of these meetings as each group is their own entity.

All Costa Rica 12 Step Recovery English meetings are one hour in length unless otherwise stated.


  • Tuesday 12:00 Noon Serenity Group at Buena Tierra Cafeteria, Contact: Rosemary Z. 2288-0002
  • Thursday 10:30 am Serenity Group at Buena Tierra Cafeteria, Contact: Rosemary Z. 2288-0002
  • Meetings: Saturdays 9:00 AM
  • Location: The International Baptist church in Guachipelin….. Same place as the Zu group meeting place
  • Contact: Rosemary Z. 2288-0002
  • Meetings: TUE 12pm
  • Location: The meeting is held in the AA Central Grupo Building 1 block up from the fire station.
  • Contact: Cheryl 2444-1515


Vigilance Club in Sabana Sur – 100 meters south of AM-PM grocery store, Second Floor on top of the Chinese Restaurant.

Every night at 7:00 pm
Monday through Saturday at 12:00pm
Sunday morning meeting at 8:00am

You can call 2296-8723 or 8348-6369 with questions.

Pacific Group of Manuel Antonio

Meetings: Daily meetings 9 AM at the New Location ~ El Arado Restaurant

From the Hotel Mono Azul Bus Stop
Take the “old road to Quepos” toward Villa Teca. The meeting is about 200 yards on your right on the old road, El Arado Restaurant. (Approx 3-5 minute walk)

Bob: 8309-4092 |

Tim D: 8814-6251 |


To find the most recently updated list of English speaking AA meetings go to

Anchor Club – Sabana Sur

Location: Local Community Center (Salon Comunal Barrio Corazon de Jesus Sabana Sur)

  • Monday 12:00 PM
  • Wednesday 12:00 PM
  • Friday 12:00 PM

Contacts: Michael Eaves: 6029-7506 CR, (505) 990-6876 USDennis: 8385-4035 Bob F.: (506) 8869-4569 CR cell, (877) 827-4956 toll-free call to CR, email:

Directions: Start from the Mcdonalds on the SouthEast corner of Sabana Park. *There is more than one Mcdonalds. This is the one next to Universal Department store. Go right on the road that runs parallel to the train tracks. Take the third street (Calle 36) to the right. The community center is 1/4 mile on the left.

Taxi Directions or Easier UBER Directions: This community center is next to the Jewish Cemetery.

International Baptist Church in Guachipelin

  • Monday 12:00PM Noon – Big Book
  • Tuesday 8:00AM Prayer/Meditation
  • Wednesday 12 noon 12×12
  • Thursday 1:00 PM Living Sober
  • Friday 8:00 AM Discussion
  • Saturday 9:00 AM Daily Reflections (Open Meeting)
  • Sunday 12:30PM Speaker/Discussion
  • English speaking NA meetings in Jaco every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30PM.
  • Spanish speaking NA meetings are every night at 7PM.
  • There are English speaking AA meetings every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 10AM.

All of the meetings are held on the second floor of Torre del Tiempo, across the street from Ekono and next to Pachi’s Pan, in the center of Jaco. Look for the NA and AA signs hanging from the second-floor balcony. See you there!

Meetings: WED 3:30 pm Open, Reading 12/12, discussion

Location: Kay’s Gringo Postres, 60 meters west of the Red Cross (adjacent to Seguro Clinic)

Contact: Call Brad E. 2446-3317

Caribbean Coast, Limon Province

Meetings: TUE 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Location: 50 Metres east of Police Station

Contact: Kate at 2755-0539 or 8384-4820

Nicoya Peninsula, Puntarenas Province

TUE / THU / SAT 6-6:30pm (longer if more people show up)

Location: In front of school, on main street
50 meters left of El Monge (bigstore). There is a sign out on the street.

Contact: Ype Bolman at 2642-1201

Meetings: SU 12p

Location: Pacific Plaza, far right corner outside under the gazebo

Meetings: Thursdays 9AM Woman’s Group beginning May 17th

Location: Roca Verde just beyond the real estate office on the Costanera

Marina Flamingo Dry Dock

Meetings: TU & FR 5:30pm

Location: At the Hitching Post Plaza, Office #2. This is on the road between Brasalito and Flamingo, 100 meters east of old abandoned gas station in Brasalito.

Contact: Don 2654-4902 or via email; or David 2654-9120

Meetings: MON, WED & FRI 12noon | Mon & Fri is open discussion, Wed is a Step Study. All are closed AA meetings.

Location: Grecia Centro AA Club:
Take Grecia exit off Autopista (look for funky Greek pillars and AA billboard at exit), proceed up winding road to Grecia downtown. Grecia is dominated by a brick red iron cathedral. Proceed on one way street past cathedral two blocks, make a left and go a block and a half. You will see AA sign outside club, street parking should be available.
If you get lost in Grecia, ask for directions to fire station (bombero estación). The AA club is located around the block from the station.

Contact: Jay 2494-0578

Meetings: WED 11:30am to 12:30pm // SUN 9am to 10am

Location: From Los Angeles Park at Ave. 6 and Calle 9, go south two blocks to Ave 10. Go right on Ave 10 and about 2/3 of the way between Calle 8 to Calle 10 is the Hogar Salvando al Alcohólico on the right. There is a sign with the AA logo.

Direcciones: De la Iglesia Los Angeles 100m al sur, 150m oeste mano derecha

Contact: Laura C. 2267-7466

There are no regular meetings at this time, BUT there are friends of Bill’s living there now. If you are coming to Santa Teresa, please get in touch with Lance and set up a meeting!

Contact: Lance –

Meetings: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings @ 9 am

Location: Upper Level of Frank’s restaurant on Main Street

Contact: Jay

Meetings: Everyday 10am in the Tiki Hut

Thursday Only: 6:30 pm

Location: El Mono Azul Hotel & Restaurant on road to beach, right-hand side

Contact: Chip 8827-8243 or 2777-2592, or Jennifer 8813-0582

Meetings: TU, WE, TH 5pm

Location: Jan 1 to May 30: Manuel Antonio Beach in front of Mar Y Sombra (Restaurant Balu)

June 1 to December 30: In Quepos, in the AA Hall in the alley behind the BCR Bank

Contact: Bob N. at 8380-0964

Meetings: Everyday at Noon

Location: Restaurant El Arado, Old Quepos Road, Manuel Antonio

Contact: Gypsy at 2777-1898

Times: WED @ 5:30pm

Location: Monteverde Friends Meeting house

Contact: Ran S. 8313 2523

MON 6:30pm @ the Zen Café
FRI 6:30pm @ Yoga House in Playa Guiones

Contacts: Rosie H 2682-5396 | 8709-0089

  • Monday- 5:00 pm
  • Wednesday- 10:30 am
  • Thursday- 5:00 pm
  • Friday- 5:00  pm
  • Saturday- 10:30 am
Location: Clubhouse located through Pedro’s Surf Shop which can be found in the alley behind Tamarindo’s main road rotunda.
Contacts: Paul M +1 (954) 4156563 phone/text/ WhatsApp or

NA Meeting- Open meeting

Meetings: Sundays at 7pm

Location: at the roundabout behind Pedro’s surf shop

Contact: Bruce 506-8866-9448

Meetings: MO, WE, FR 6pm

Location: Across the corner from the Sardinal Police Station

Contact: John 2672-1163, (706) 494-5908

Meetings: Monday Wednesday Friday at 1pm

Location: Pro Niño building in Puerto Viejo center, adjacent to the soccer field goalposts

Meetings: Saturday 9am

Location: Serenity on the Beach in front of the Banana Azul Hotel

Contacts: Eddie 2750-00802750-0235 or 8811-3448 or Colin 2750-2035

Contact: South Pacific Region A.A. Help-Line 8634-9241. Please call this number for directions as well!

Meetings: TU 12p, SAT 10am

Location: AA Clubhouse – 400 meters West of BCR in Uvita

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