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I was shocked when I came across a page promoting International Overdose Awareness day while searching the internet for articles about the impact of drug overdoses.  Although I was shocked because I hadn’t heard of this day before It certainly made sense to me.  Why?  Today there are so many people dying from drug overdoses that the president just made the claim that we as a nation are in a state of emergency and the opioid epidemic is now a national health crisis. 

I have personally studied this trend for years, ever since the creation of the pill mills in Florida where doctors and pharmacies were dispensing powerful narcotic pain killers to just about anybody who wanted them, which helped fuel the crisis we now face today.  The state of Florida has made many efforts to shut these so-called pill mills and hold responsible the doctors and pharmacists that distribute these medications irresponsibly.  However, just like in Mexico when the government cracks down on the cartels, the ambition, and greed for money takes over and new methods of distribution become available and for us, we look at the state of Tennessee. 

What once plagued Florida has now infiltrated into the state of Tennessee.  The pill mills now open up shop along interstates that make it easy access for out-of- towners to come and get their prescriptions written and filled.  Now, as a consequences the state of Tennessee is seeing record numbers of drug overdoses in the past few years with jurisdictions like Memphis and its surrounding areas leading the way. 

So now that we have this crisis, what’s our solution?  For one, organizations like the international overdose awareness day is a good way for us to become focused not only on the problem, but what viable solutions we have to stop the next overdose from happening. 

Costa Rica Recovery, the organization I work for is dedicated to helping people who have fallen into circle of destruction.  I get to see what happens to people once they make it here, if they make it here.  I am blessed with the ability to help these people learn how to get out of the cycle of despair and move on with their lives.  Unfortunately for every person that makes it to our center, many more don’t.  For me, nothing is sadder than that. 

That is why when I came across the International overdose awareness day, I had some hope.  Hope because this international overdose awareness day will bring exactly that awareness and awareness that a problem exists is the first step to create change. 

I hope one day our awareness becomes so powerful that people will no longer seek escape in chemicals because they know that it will eventually kill them.  Until then, I will continue my work at Costa Rica Recovery, helping people get off drugs, one addict at a time. 

If you or a loved one needs help, don’t wait.  Time is not on our side.  Call us at 1-866-804-1793

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