How To Set Goals For 2018

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​How To Set Goals For 2018

​Having clearly defined goals are important if you are to experience any real growth.  

​5 Best Practices and Tips on how to set goals for 2018

​This might be a bit painful....

​If you've been writing ​ your goals every year and you're still facing the same set of challenges you did last year or maybe even a decade ago, then I know  this subject might be a bit painful.  But hey, we all got to face the truth if we want to grow....Right?  

I know for me, having the same issues stare me in the face year after year can be VERY f@$&king frustrating. After all it's not a question of willingness or courage is it?  I think not...

It's a question of old programming getting in the way of change.  I know it's not just me either...How long has somebody you know been trying to shed 20lbs, get clean, quit smoking, exercise regularly, be more successful, make more money, and the list goes on and on....

But yet every year I find myself with the pen and paper staring out into the yard making that list like it's the first time I ever made one.  

Making it with the same commitment that I make it every year with...That tiny determination inside that this year, will be my year.  That if all else fails, I will accomplish everything on my list...:)

So there I sit, with the willingness to give it another wack and hopefully make those changes that will help bring about a better future.

​So, while I wrote my list I had an idea to make a separate list of character changes that I want to bring about.   The kind of stuff about me that I really don't like.  

​I guess it's kinds of stuff that should have went on the 6th step list...You know the one I never made...

So there I was, making a list of things I wanted to change about who I am, what I stand for, and how treat myself and others.  

I have to be honest...

It's not like there was a whole bunch of nasty garbage on that list...

But the stuff that's on there, has been there...for a long time

​Like my allergy for the truth...Not the big stuff...but all the little things..

For me, it's the little things.  They all add up..And when they do

They keep me from being the person I am capable of being.  So this year my list turned into 2 lists.  One list is about my outer-world, and the other...The inner.  

So here's my 5 best practices and tips on how to set goals for 2018

​Ask Someone Who Knows You Best Of 3 Goals You Should Put On Your List

​People who are close to us tend to know us well enough to make some good suggestions of things we should accomplish in 2018.  My mom has way more than 3 things, but I made her only choose 3.  It was a interesting exercise for me in the way of willingness to change.  I mean after all, if I'm not willing to take 3 suggestions from the woman whose closest to me then I shouldn't be setting any goals at all.  

​Ask Your Inner Being, God, Whatever You Call It And Wait For An Answer

​This year I sat quietly and asked...Hey I've been at this goal setting business for a long time and I haven't seemed to get anywhere.  What do ya think I should put down this year.  Here's what I heard in the quiet of my mind...Forgive yourself.       So I put it down to paper...

​Once The List is Complete, Break it Down Further

After I manage to get it all down, I break it down monthly.  Most of the things I put down have to be accomplished in steps.  One of my goals is to graduate from the 2 year college I'm in.  In order for that to happen I have to finish up one course, fill out paperwork, pay some money, and register for graduation.  Seems simple enough, but there's a few hoops that I got to jump through and I am famous for quitting in the 9th inning.  So, I break things down in steps and put timelines on them to keep me honest.  The subconscious mind site has a great post on​ how to set goals for 2018

​Look at the list every morning and every night

​Once the list is done, the practice of reviewing your objectives daily will really help you stay on track.  I noticed that I was able to accomplish the majority of my goals last year because I was disciplined enough to keep reviewing them.  There were times this was painful, I kid you not.  Especially when I could feel myself straying away from them.  But, there was no better feeling than finally accomplishing something I had set out to do 6-9 months earlier.  

​Be Bold, Think Big, Go For It

​Life can get mundane, especially for people like us.  That's why I think it's important to be BOLD.  Put things on your list that are going to get you motivated.  What about something you always dreamed of doing but never had the courage.  If you want to stay motivated and feel some excitement and a good challenge then Think Big...Be Bold..and GO for IT

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