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My daughters addiction took over my life

Being a parent on an addict made both of our lives out of control! Treatment in United States was expensive and wasn't working. My daughter had no health insurance and we knew she needed affordable treatment.

Once I called Costa Rica Recovery I found people on the end of the line that cared enough and supported me when dealing with my daughters addiction. They coached me through her active addiction until I felt I had no choice but to trust and have faith that going to Costa Rica could save my daughters life and that was a chance I was willing to take.

When we arrived, It was amazing....we toured the house..met the great people I'd been talking to for months on the phone. I Felt safe and I could feel the hope in the air.

Every time I visited my daughter at Costa Rica Recovery it was like visiting a big changed my life every visit..

I feel that Costa Rica Recovery will always hold a special place in my heart

it is a place where people care about each other.

Today, My daughter is 3 years sober and she is the woman i always knew she could be and living in this beautiful country and the treatment at Costa Rica Recovery changed her into the beautiful woman she was born to be

Jim's program is spectacular..because he cares about the people that come to him....

Kim W. ... Parent (2015)


My life before getting help, to me is irrelevant. Who would want to think about that person, after all? However, I think it is important to note that hating myself on a daily basis was part of my norm and for something I simply neither understood nor had control over. The constant promise that tomorrow would be different, that I would not do it again, only to find myself doing it again despite all the consequences. What you learn through the recovery process is that you are powerless over this monster but that there is a way out. I have ups and downs, that is life - But I no longer hate myself. In fact, I have almost accepted every aspect of who I am and my personality. Imagine actually loving who you are - Costa Rica Recovery provided the tools I needed.

This was my first treatment center, and I believe it will be the only one I ever go to. I was in treatment with several folks on their 5th, 6th, even 11th treatment center. They are all clean too. I can't compare this experience with any other facility - certainly glad to say that ;) In a general sense, I can tell you I was scared shitless to go to treatment. I do wonder now what I was so scared of... Was it getting help, admitting I needed help, going into a situation I could not control, or the more plausible - giving up the one thing in my life that I believed provided release? If you are an addict, I think you know what I mean. Whatever it was that scared me so badly still did not compare to the constant hate and disappointment I felt about myself, so I went. I got better. I learned how to actually live in my own skin.

I am the person I always knew I was deep down. The disease surrounds us in darkness. I am me again, the version of me that makes sense.

How do I see the future? To keep on truckin'. To stay this course. To never find myself back in the grip of addiction. If I can accomplish that, then the world is wide open!

I would recommend CRR to anyone who wishes to get help, to get better, to have a life. There are plenty of treatment centers out there, but why go to one that will treat you like a number when you have a staff and an owner that actually care about you and want to see you succeed in conquering your demons and having a life. Added bonus... You are in Costa Rica! BTW - I still live here :) For anyone that reads this, I wish you the best regardless of which direction you take, but try to pick one that brings you some long-term happiness and freedom.

Jill ... travel industry

My Son Was A Patient

My 24 yer old son was a patient at Costa Rica Recovery in 2017. His life prior to CRR was sad to say the least. Rarely showed up for family gatherings. Lost 2 amazing girlfriends. He was hiding from emotional pain.

From the first contact I had with CRR, I was treated with kindness, direction, guidance, reassurance, & knowledge.

This was not easy for me to send my son (1) to rehab (2) to a foreign country.

My son has pep in his step for the first time in a long long time!!! He's honest, focused, healthy, & happy!

We look forward to a long healthy life of ups & downs but nothing that can't be handled SOBER!!

Would I recommend Costa Rica Recovery? Yes!!!! A million times over!

CRR gave my son the gift of clarity, soberness, peace, the ability to face the root of the problem & confidence .


Xoxo from Florida

Tanya ... Small business owner

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My Life Was In A Million Pieces

Before coming to Costa Rica Recovery Center my life seemed to have been in a million pieces. My struggles with drugs and alcohol had caught up to me. What was once a fun time seemed to now only be filled with problems, and what was worse was that I couldn't stop.

I lost important relationships, couldn't show up to work, and couldn't handle any situation or obstacle, so I didn't try. My integrity, confidence, self esteem, and physical state were in the gutter. I was isolated, terribly sick, fearful and full of regret.

I was defeated. I needed help. A friend with 10 years clean told me he found help at CRR and that they had saved his life. I decided it was that or I would eventually succumb to this disease.

The staff at CRR were understanding. They knew exactly what I needed and how to help me get off substances comfortably. Almost instantly I felt at home and was treated like family.

I nourished my body back with great food and exercise. I found out WHY I used and what I needed to do to live a healthy life. The education I received I take with me everyday. Along with all of that I made great friends and laughed more than I ever had before. I was finally ME!

Now, almost Seven months clean and sober, I am back to being a productive part of society. I have made so many meaningful relationships and mended old ones. People rely on me, and I show up! Waking up feeling healthy is something I never take for granted. My life has turned around and keeps progressively getting better.

Today I don't have to be a prisoner and a slave to substances. Today I am not sick. Today I have hope. Most importantly, I think, is that I have found meaning in my life and know that without substances, I have a purpose. Costa Rica Recovery Center truly helped save my life.

Jen S (California) 2017 ... Former Patient

My life was spiraling out of control!

Before I came to Costa Rica Recovery my life was spiraling out of control. I was working only to do drugs.

My life basically revolved around drugs; where to score, who got the good stuff & watching out for cops.

I was making good money at my job, but 90% of my income was going to the dealer. I was going into neighborhoods that I would never go to if i was sober, like the south Bronx, at 4-5am.

Eventually, I lost my job, that only showed me how to steal,scam & beg for money to support my habit. One day after the euphoria of getting high wore off, I realized I needed help! I did some research & found CCR, and told my family that I wanted & needed their support. I landed in Costa Rica and turned a new leaf and started @ CCR.

It was the beginning of a new way of life for me.

My experience was great at Costa Rica Recovery at first it was hard. I hated weaning myself off drugs, and I wanted to give up many times but the counselors were understanding, tough but fair. But I'm glad I followed though and stuck with it.

The food was great and we did get out of the centers for outings, learned about meditation, and yoga that taught me about addiction and many more things. It was worth it, I ended up staying for 60 days which in my case was what i needed.

My life since the center has been a blessing. My relationship with my girl and family are stronger than ever. I have my dream job at an upscale place with great hours and good pay.

I'm loving life, I just completed a year of being drug-free and things couldn't be better. My job is sending me to Europe so i can learn more culinary skills and I couldn't ask for anything more.

I sometimes look back at my life and cant believe i came so close to loosing everything because of some white powder and how it made me disregard everything dear to me.

The future looks bright and I plan to keep keep going forward.

I would recommend CCR to anybody who has a drug or alcohol problem. The way they approach the problem and help you was the best way for my case. Other centers lock you up and keep you medicated but I like going to classes and outings. It made me feel more like a real person and not just a number.

Henry C ... Sous chef/food & beverage


There are times in our lives when people from different walks of life, with different goals, dreams and needs find common ground and come together to face change together.

Here is my testimonial. (2016)

Costa Rica Recovery was one of those times for me. My journey to Costa Rica was reasonable since I had vacationed there many times before. The place is nice! This trip was different; it was my time to face sobriety and learn more about my world and me.

After scanning the Internet for solutions, I dismissed the available shaman (witch-doctor), luxury and new hallucinogen therapy centers and opted for the basics of exercise, yoga, classroom learning and some delightful side trips in the rain forest and to the beautiful beaches.

Sobriety surely wasn’t an easy decision, but once the facts were clear the total healing experience followed with excellence and care at Costa Rica Recovery.

The instructors were really sharp and knew how to deal with each of our demons and attitudes about them. The process of breaking down our myths and ideology was interesting and at times … even entertaining! It was truly amazing to see the professional team working hand in glove regularly updating each other, assessing each patient’s progress and looking closely for triggers facing each of us.

Entering a recovery program is a very personal trip with a lot of made-to-order expectations! I will say that Costa Rica Recovery was on target to meet mine from start to finish. There is a long path in front of us leaving the program, but we are prepared if we choose to be.

The detox program through to the exiting plan was well managed and designed for long term success.

CRR offers personal support and meeting the needs a group of folks struggling with similar yet different needs, many times as a core team. The individual and team processes are winners. The rest is up to each of us as individuals who are ready to maintain sobriety and change our thinking about this progressive illness.

This program allows us to experience the tools that are readily available in our local communities when we return to family and friends.

I am very happy that I chose this journey to Costa Rica Recovery.

I learned that I am worth it, and so are you.

Jenna C ... Former Patient 2016

I Couldn't Stop The Madness

It was a scary time. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't stop the madness on the merry go round.

Costa Rica Recovery was a lot different than I expected. Instead of a "clinical" like setting it was very comfortable. The staff and all of my housemates became a family of mine who I will never forget.

My life is no longer unmanageable. Now when I feel the least bit stressed I use the breathing techniques and meditation I was taught. I learned how to love myself again.

My hope for the future is too continue being the best person I can be without putting too much on my plate. Keep it simple and manageable.

I would recommend CRR to anyone who is tired of the roller coaster and ready to get their feet back on solid ground. Jim Dopp and staff know what they are doing for sure.

Kelly H. ... Construction

Before Going to Costa Rica Recovery My Life Seemed Hopeless

Before going to Costa Rica recovery my life seemed hopeless and I was completely miserable. I was slowly trying to kill myself with drinking (always alone) and suffering from extreme depression. I found that I was a complete bull shit artist to everyone in my life, but none more than myself.

At the center I found a great fellowship between myself and the other patients as well as the counselors. I rediscovered how to live and be social around others while being OK with just being myself. The center also helped me gain structure in my life and treat myself with self worth.

I have regained trust of loved ones and have control of my life once again. I still have bad days, but I look at them as a challenge rather than an obstacle. I work on my sobriety and being my best self everyday and enjoy the little things in life that were previously ignored because of my clouded mind. I live everyday instead of just survive.

I hope to be able to spread the word of hope to other struggling addicts and continue growing in my own recovery. I have since gone into business with my brother and hope to continue to grow and be very successful. I now see that my own potential is limitless.

The people at Costa Rica recovery saved my life.

Everyone involved had a key roll in pulling me out of the pit of self hatred and loathing to become a better person and have a desire for life that I never knew existed.

Kody H. ... Carpenter

My Goal Is To Maintain My Sobriety and Help Others

I had a 3 year battle with excessive alcohol. My family stepped in this last round and got me into Costa Rica Recovery

It was very professional and the center provided educational and entertaining classes and really great trips. The enter also took us to many of the 12 step meetings in the area. We were served 3 great meals every day along with gym time and yoga classes . The one on one counseling and the doctor visits were very helpful. Going on 3 months sober, and CRR certainly gave me a boost in the right direction. Thank you to all !!

I have a different perspective on addiction and have adjusted my life accordingly. The center cared for not only alcoholics, but other addictive problems.

My goal is to maintain my sobriety, use the tools learned at the center, and help others.

I would recommend the center. It is non intrusive, helpful, and is a great alternative to the institutional centers in other countries

Reg S. ... Tax accountant

My Life Was In Total Disarray

'Life was in total disarray and chaos in early 2017 when I lived in Florida. My drug use was constant and consistent, and I was using every moment of every day. To the point that one of my many overdoses was a near death overdose in which the doctors had told me that if I had not arrived at the hospital in time, I would have died. Apart from that, I had ruined my work life, family life and destroyed anything of any significance in my life. I accepted the fact that I was on my way to death and felt as though there was no hope.

In the months since I arrived at Costa Rica Recovery, my life has improved unimaginably. My health is in top condition; I get along with my family and have many new meaningful relationships. Being sober has offered me the opportunity to start my life over completely and that is an opportunity I never thought I would have had. I owe all the thanks to Costa Rica Recovery and the recovery community they connected me to'.

Fred ... Florida

My Life Has Done A Complete 180

After many attempts at rehab, I found that Costa Rica Recovery's sound approach at treatment with a tough love philosophy was what i really needed in order to get started on this life long journey a day at a time.

Arturo G (MEXICO) ... Yoga Instructor

I Was On A Path Of Self-Destruction

Thank You!! I would like to celebrate my sobriety, and birthday by saying thank you to Andrea Lázaro, that without your patience, understanding, and LOVE my story would or could have been not as pleasant. To Jim Dopp at the Costa Rica Recovery Center, and the staff that attended to me, helped to brainwash me into living clean and loving life and all its ups and downs. Tomorrow I celebrate second chances, people who care for others with illnesses like the one I suffered. I truly would not be able to celebrate them without these precious people and organizations. Thank you for my 5th year, and I celebrate my 50th year with you.

Sergio S ... Former Patient

I Found Myself At Costa Rica Recovery

Miss you all very much. Celebrated six months on the 25th of February. Studying personal training, working, yoga and working my program. Things are good. Tell all I send my love. Thank you so much for what you guys did for me while I was there. You all mean a lot to me. Peace and love.

CLINT (SOUTH AFRICA) ... Former Patient

I Was Very Fortunate To Be At Costa Rica Recovery

Dear Jim and crew,

I just want to take this time to really thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for me during my time at Costa Rica Recovery. I am happily and gratefully one year clean today. It seems an appropriate time to really pause and take stock of just how far I've come in that time and where I started my journey.

I look back at my time in rehab with honestly nothing but the fondest of memories. Rehab maybe seems not the kind of place one particularly enjoys but when I think back or have little flash backs from my time there I smile and remember it as nothing but the best experience.

It has only been with time, sharing and seeing other people’s journeys and experiences in rehab, that I think I've fully grasped just how special it is what you've got going there.

I feel very fortunate to have started my journey in recovery with you guys..

MIN C. (AULSTRAILIA) 2015 ... Former Patient

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I no longer had dreams except drinking

My life was in absolute void that I continuously tried to fill with a bottle. I had tried getting sober once before and was told it would get worse if I went back. At the time, like many before me, I couldn't see how that was possible. It definitely got worse for not only did my literal drinking get worse, but lost my self completely.

I no longer had dreams or aspirations to be or do anything besides drinking. I had gone from a boy full of dreams of being successful to facing living on the streets and "having a plan" to do so and be fine with it.

My son had been taken away, I had lost all friends and family, and was left only to drinking cheap liquor and couldn't be sober. Waking up in shakes and needed to literally run to the liquor mart or grocery store so I could feel some form of normality. I had burned through 6 jobs in 2 years and was close to becoming unemployable. Life had gotten terrible and I couldn't see it.

I honestly don't know what made me decide to get sober. I had tried going to AA's but would show up drunk. I reached out to my old rehab but again, showed up drunk. I lost my son a couple weeks before I reached out but I was actually happier about that.

I knew in the few moments leading up to my reaching out to my family, that I had a problem and couldn't stop but there was not a one "ah hah moment". Something in me just kept reaching out and finally I got an opportunity to get help and I didn't even know it was going to be a rehab, just knew it would help me get better.

I didn't chose Costa Rica Recovery but my brother who had gone their earlier and my second mom and dad liked the treatment he got there.

At the time I had no insurance and no money for rehab. All rehabs near me cost 10K+ and so Costa Rica Recovery was an affordable solution.

I was welcome very warmly by both the staff and patients. I arrived late as most do and the staff offered me food, the clients offered me cigs and showed me around and just made a stranger feel welcome in a place that one who hasn't stayed sober in what seemed like years, to feel OK enough to get sleep and give it a try.

My stay was very nice and fulfilled all my needs and more. First, the weather and atmosphere of Costa Rica are amazing. Its feels like your in a resort and this is coming from someone who has lived their life in California.

The food was excellent and the lady cook really cared about her patients. The rooms and beds weren't bad at all. I know some of us become high and mighty when we get there but if I really look at what I had back at home (which included a very nasty soiled mattress that was very old and broken furniture), the bed was at least clean and fulfilled its job.

The teaching staff of James, Tony, and Paola were amazing. I think the balance between Tony and his strict raw demeanor contrasted by James welcoming hippie ways was perfect for me. You had to gravitate to one or the other at least. They both provided great teachings that I still carry to this day.

I am eternally grateful to them.

I felt the food, atmosphere, education, working out, yoga, great community among most patients, and the ability to explore a new country really helped me find a new way of living. Finally, the meetings with all the ex-pats really helped me feel connection to home.

I feel amazing and so grateful for sobriety. I am 2+ yrs sober and have a much better life. I could go on for a long time to the many gifts sobriety has given me but to save you from a novel I'll just give the big highlights. I've learned to have a relationship with a higher power. I've learned to reach and become my potential.

For so many years I knew what I was capable of and ran from it. Today I get to strive for it. I'm not perfect but even 80% is good for me. I have a sense of gratitude that has replaced my perfectionist side that only let me see what I didn't have and not what I do. I have a relationship with myself and get to correct and grow everyday but also love and appreciate myself.

Today I get to strive to become a son, father, grandson, boyfriend, friend, coworker, employee, etc that brings happiness, support, and love. I've walked through the 12 steps twice now in different ways and it has shown me myself in a way I never would've seen and I feel free.

Life is worth living and I'm grateful to be grateful.

I definitely recommend Costa Rica Recovery and if I could ever be part of something to help advertise for it or be a help to it up here in California, I would find it an honor to do so.

Adam D ... Former Patient 2016

I no longer had a life and wished to die

I no longer had a life and wished to die and attempted suicide but was never successful.

  • I was addicted to alcohol and prescription pills for close to 30 years.

  • I had lost everything. My job, my house, car, wife and my children and grandchildren disowned me.

  • I was arrested and placed in jail and probation.

  • I was living in the basement of my parents home at age 45 to 48.

I was diagnosed with cirrhosis stage II and seen by many doctors, psychiatrists and counselors. Attended AA meetings but always had a 1/5 under my car seat. After my last doctor appointment I was told to find a place that I always wanted to visit because I was either going to go there to get well or go there to die.

I always wanted to visit Costa Rica. When I was told to find a place I always wanted to visit I told my doctor Costa Rica was one of the most beautiful places on Earth and I wished to go there.

She asked me if I would be willing to go to a rehab facility in Costa Rica I said, "Why not?" "It's January in Northern Michigan!"

I was treated with kindness, dignity and respect. Something that I had not felt in years.

As expected the first week was hell. However, the staff was able to detox me and soon I was exercising, doing yoga, mindful meditation and actually listening and learning about my disease in classes and at AA meetings.

The food was great and I made life long friends.

The outside activities and trips helped me actually enjoy my stay and promote a "spiritual awakening."

At times I had disagreements with the staff members, however, the Recovery House is a unique facility mostly staffed be recovering alcoholics and addicts.

I am now over 6 1/2 years clean and sober.

I attend AA meetings regularly and work with other alcoholics. I now have a excellent relationship with my entire family and decided to make Costa Rica my home. I can now live in peace with myself and others around me and have no desire to use drugs or alcohol.

Truly a miracle.

I recommended my son to attend Costa Rica Recovery when he was in the midst of the madness of drugs and alcohol. He has been clean and sober for over a year and a half and is now engaged to married and is enjoying a new career.

John ... Former Patient-2012
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