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There are two ways your donation can help us to help others in active addiction who are seeking treatment:

David John Nesberg Scholarship

Supporting FUN and ATHLETICS in recovery

in loving memory

David John Nesberg

May 20, 1956 - May 8, 2022

Rochester, MN

This gentle giant helped many recover from addiction. David prioritized adventure, fun and athletics in recovery.

We are fortunate that David’s lineage of guidance has rippled into our program at Costa Rica Recovery. As part of our program we take our guests on bi-weekly outings to enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica. We visit national parks, volcanos, beaches, hikes, waterfalls, coffee plantations, banana farms, and occasional white water rafting. We also encourage daily gym visits and games of soccer and basketball in the nearby park.
How can David’s memory help make your recovery more fun and active in your community?

Would you like to start a sober kickball, basketball, softball or most anything else team?

A yoga membership?

A hiking club?
All donations will go to supporting enjoyment and movement in recovery.

Please take a moment to watch this video on the fun we are having:

If you would like to know more about The Fun Fund please call David’s former sponsee, John Holien at +612.834.1776.

The Tiki West Scholarship Fund

Tiki West’s family would like to honor the memory of their Beloved Tiki, a sweet and strong woman, who sadly passed away due to the disease of addiction. The family’s goal is to honor her with this Tiki West Scholarship Fund which is only to be used to help others suffering from addiction with limited financial resources get the treatment they need at Costa Rica Recovery.

We invite you to contribute any amount to this fund and know that your donation will be used to cover treatment costs here at the center. The blessing you provide with any size donation will make many patients and families find a new life in recovery through the memory of Tiki, her family, and your help. Thank you very much!!

General Support to help us make continual improvements to our facility and program.