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CRR   Costa Rica Recovery Testimonial — May 2017

 By Jenna Caroll

There are times in our lives when people from different walks of life, with different goals, dreams and needs found common ground and came together to face change together. Here is my testimonial.

Costa Rica Recovery was one of those times for me.  My journey to Costa Rica was reasonable since I had vacationed there many times before. The place is nice! This trip was different; it was my time to face sobriety and learn more about my world and me.

After scanning the Internet for solutions, I dismissed the available shaman  (witch-doctor), luxury and new hallucinogen therapy centers and opted for the basics of exercise, yoga, classroom learning and some delightful side trips in the rainforest and to the beautiful beaches.

Sobriety surely wasn’t an easy decision, but once the facts were clear the  total healing experience followed with excellence and care at Costa Rica Recovery.  The instructors were really sharp and knew how to deal with each of our demons and attitudes about them. The process of breaking down our myths and ideology was interesting and at times … even entertaining! It was truly amazing to see the professional team working hand in glove regularly updating each other, assessing each patient’s progress and looking closely for triggers facing each of us. Entering a recovery program is a very personal trip with a lot of made-to-order expectations! I will say that CRR was on target to meet mine from start to finish. There is a long path in front of us leaving the program, but we are prepared if we choose to be.

The detox program through to the exiting plan was well managed and designed for long term success. CRR offers personal support and meeting the needs a group of folks struggling with similar yet different needs, many times as a core team. The individual and team processes are winners. The rest is up to each of us as individuals who are ready to maintain sobriety and change our thinking about this progressive illness. This program allows us to experience the tools that are readily available in our local communities when we return to family and friends.

I am very happy that I chose this journey to Costa Rica Recovery. I learned that I am worth it, and so are you.






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