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Costa Rica- Jobs In Recovery
Counselors Needed

​Good Costa Rica Jobs are hard to find, which is why this might be the right opportunity for you.  Costa Rica Recovery is looking for people in recovery who aspire to help others.  You will have direct contact with people who are just getting clean and ​need direction about how to live clean and sober while at the same time, making the right choices. ​ ​

Costa Rica Internships Are Hard To Find And Not What They're Advertised To Be!

Many people often find that the internship they found in Costa Rica is not what they had hoped for.  Here at Costa Rica Recovery you'll  be helping others and learning about the addiction and recovery process.  Sometimes you'll be helping at the center with a group, and sometimes you'll be coordinating a day at the beach.  Either way you'll be involved with helping clients learn to live a life of sobriety.  This position is great for someone aspiring to be an addictions counselor.   

​Here's Our Requirements

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    ​You Must Either Reside or Plan to Be In Costa Rica
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    ​You Must Have Knowledge Of The Recovery Process
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    You Must Like To Help Others
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    ​Have at Least 1 Year Clean
best rehab in costa rica

Local (506) 8348-6369

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