Cellphone Addiction and Social Media Consequences

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Has your technology addiction ​tricked you into thinking that your social life is great but Instead your angry because you realize it robs you of true friendships ?  

The harsh reality of cellphone addiction and what it's doing to our social lives

All too often we find ourselves pinned up against the small rectangular devices in our lives sometimes out of necessity and sometimes out of familiarity.  Those rectangular devices are everywhere, either on the desktops at work or in the corner of our family rooms. Mostly though, we have them holstered in our pockets ready to draw them out the moment we find ourselves uncomfortable, board, or just uneasy.  

These electronic devices have become the new Prozac alleviating us of our pain and suffering from the difficulties of life. You know what I'm talking about don't you?  You see it every day and in all kinds of interactions. At times you see small groups of people standing around talking and enjoying each others company.  But then you notice there's one or more among them that rather scroll through the meaningless posts that they've already scrolled through just a few minutes ago just to avoid that uncomfortable intimate moment with other real humans. 

Cellphone & technology addiction consequences

What about the times that you're trying to connect with another person while they're automatically thumb running their screen pretending to listen to you.  Are they being selfish or can they actually help it? Opinions vary, but the point is, if you're part of this high tech society  you've most likely experienced an increase in screen time with substantial decrease in human face to face time.  And as much as we don't want to admit it, it's done damage to our relationships, social life and our overall well-being, including how we think about others.  

Human beings are social.  Much like dogs, many of us like to run in packs and socialize in communities.  We feel a sense of security when we have bonds with others.  Not just long distance or digital friendships, but real bonds with people we can reach out to on a moments notice. We tend to gravitate to people we can go and find or meet for coffee or people who like us enjoy the comfort in the connection with others.   

These connections were supposed to be made much easier through the use of technology and social media.  But somehow the exact opposite has happened.  We gave up that intimate face to face human connection for a less authentic superficial one.  At the same time, we slowly lost our ability to socialize without the rectangle.  What do I mean? When was the last time you walked up to a stranger and had a real conversation that ended up with the both of you exchanging numbers?  If you're like me a normal user, its probably been awhile.  Yet as my followers grow on all the social media platforms my real life loneliness also continues to grow at approximately the same rate.  

How does that happen exactly?  We're were promised these rectangles that are hooked into these social worlds would make it easier to connect us all around the world, but yet we feel more alone then we did when there was no rectangle at all?

When I think of it logically I shouldn't feel this way because when I open the address book in my rectangle there's hundreds of contacts and my social hive is beaming with comments, likes and digital chit-chat.  Albeit, most of it is a bunch of nonsense that I wouldn't even talk about if I was face to face with any of those people. So with all these connections why do I feel so dis-connected?  

I've come to realize it's not the quantity of friends or relationships that are important but the quality and intimacy of the few that make the difference.  

So there I am with all these people who I can connect with just a touch of a button, yet none of them can do for me what I really need. I've also come to realize that just one real human can do more for my mental well-being then a hundred or even a thousand new followers can do.  That one real human can make me feel more alive, important and connected than a thousand likes or a bunch of comments in that digital space on my social rectangle.

 So how long will it take for me to say goodbye to the illusion of social contentedness that rectangle tells me I have?  If I'm really honest the answer is I don't know.  You see like many others I'm addicted to my rectangle and the social hive it connects me to.  Even though I know the social hive is about as real as the dream of hitting the lottery I had last night, I still can't let it go.  Maybe my addiction has evolved and weaseled it's way back into my life disguising itself within that rectangle that I never leave home without.  

​Addiction is a very deep rabbit hole.  There are many different substances that can activate my addiction and many of them have nothing to do with drugs.  Addiction can manifest itself in technology which masquerades connectedness but is actually a sinister lie of loneliness and dissatisfaction.  Maybe it's time to turn in my stupid smart phone for just a plain old flip phone.  What's your opinion, we'd like to know.  Kindly leave your comments below.  

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