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A powerful testimonial from Max, an opiate addict, who recently celebrated 9 month clean is beating his addiction. Max came to Costa Rica Recovery a broken man with very little hope for the future.  Max just wanted the pain to stop, and guess what?  It did! In this video Max discusses 90 days of treatment at Costa Rica Recovery and where his life is heading now. Max has given his best effort and the results are obvious.  According to Max Costa Rica Recovery is beating addiction by helping former addicts get on the road to recovery.

Today with the potency of drugs and the additives like fentanyl that are mixed in, addicts are dying at an alarming rate.  Every day a new statistic comes out describing how overdose is becoming the number one killer of American’s under the age of 50. This doesn’t have to happen to you or a loved one.  Thankfully, Max had other plans.  His courageous decision to come to Costa Rica for treatment has set him on the right path. In this video Max discuses what it was like before he came, and how after 90 days of treatment the changes he has experienced.

Where Max is Now

After Max finished treatment he decided to stay in Costa Rica and after over 9 months clean he has began working at the center, giving back the hope to other new patients that was freely given to him. Max works diligently at the center spreading the message of hope and freedom that’s available to all in the recovery process.   He is a power of example and if he learned the process of beating addiction, so can anyone.   If you are looking the best rehab center at the most affordable price, then Costa Rica Recovery rehab center may be for you.  For more cool testimonials check out enjoy life again

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