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An Ex Green Beret’s Take on the FMP

Costa Rica Recovery Center is the only center in Costa Rica which currently provides free treatment to Veterans who qualify for the United States Veterans Affairs FMP (Foreign Medical Program). Approval is generally given to all Veterans who have a reference to ‘substance use disorders’ or ‘PTSD’ in their medical records or discharge documents. Once declared eligible, the FMP will fully fund a space at Costa Rica Recovery where they will receive full support from Jim and his fully trained team.

How it all started

Costa Rica Recovery is a treatment center for substance use disorders and PTSD. It began 16 years ago in response to English speaking people in Costa Rica requesting help. At Costa Rica Recovery we believe connection is the opposite of addiction, so we focus on connecting individuals to others in recovery. We also utilize and value 12 step programs and various PTSD healing modalities. We also prioritize offering treatment at a very affordable price; usually a quarter less than the price of a US-based treatment center.
The most important thing is having our guests seek and accept care. One of the most common things that happens with active addiction is significant disconnection and isolation. This results in losing the ability to accept caring in our life. For that reason, the largest characteristic we look for in our staff is caring and empathetic people.
One of our tasks is getting people to focus on internal aspects; their core values and their connection to a ‘Higher Power’ of their own making. The internal aspects define ‘WHO we are.’ Most of our patients don’t know ‘who they are’ upon first arriving. We’re often taught to believe that society rewards us for our external aspects and that is what we are to focus on; the money, the job, the position of power, the cars, the houses, the lipstick, ect. These things are controlled by ego. These things are ‘WHAT we are and have’ and can disappear in a moment. That’s what society wants us to do because it makes us productive and controllable. Once gone, we are ‘WHO’ we are. Costa Rica Recovery will give patients the opportunity to rediscover and to redefine who they are. We will also help remove negative aspects and opinions. Our guests will learn to live openly, comfortably, and free from the part of their lives that lead to negativity. We want to help our guests become the person they were created to be; happy, strong, comfortable, and free from addiction.
A whole lot of the unhappiness of an addict comes from the 400+ interpretations they make daily. Therefore, another task we value is rearranging perception; the interpretation of data that our senses are collecting. Everyone interprets data differently. Costa Rica Recovery will show you why you interpret the data the way you do. We will then help you see ways to interpret it differently with virtually no effort. It’s a simple change in how you perceive things.
Life has a whole lot of aspects, recovery is about being able to engage in all of them. We try to get our patients to do something about their recovery mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. That is why the FMD veteran program is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

About Our Founder, Jim

Jim is a combat veteran with the 5th Special Forces based in Vietnam. After leaving the military, he suffered from both addiction and PTSD. It is through his personal experience and passion for recovery that he founded Costa Rica Recovery in 2006. Since then, he has consistently provided a solid foundation for his patients to grow and learn how to live without active addiction. No better man for the position than one who has the capacity to empathize personally with those seeking help.

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