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best rehab in costa rica

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Good Old Garrett came down for a visit to Costa Rica Recovery.  He spent a couple of months with us and moved on to follow his dreams.  Another incredible success story.


Andrew found his way to us and boy was he ready.  He took his time here very seriously.  We were real grateful to have him here.  Here's his message



Here's a testimonial of Jenny. She was here over a year ago. She came for some help, and now  she decided to come back and help others get this amazing gift of recovery.  Another Miracle...

best rehab in costa rica

Local (506) 8348-6369

3 reasons why you want this affordable addiction treatment center:

Intensive Group Therapy

We off an affordable addiction treatment center that consists of classroom instruction, group therapy, and individual counseling that gets to the root of the problem and why you choose to medicate with substances

Holistic & Nature Therapy

We find that nature, alternative coaching, and personal fitness is an important part of any recovery process.  You can expect to discover the beauty of Costa Rica as part of your program at this affordable addiction treatment center

Recovery Planning & Coaching

No affordable addiction treatment program is complete without an easy to implement daily action plan.  Our counselors will help you design a plan that is personal and conducive to your success

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