Remember that there are good therapeutic reasons to limit outside communication in order to keep you focused on your recovery.

Except for the phone call you make during the admissions process to let people at home know you have arrived safely, you will not be permitted to make phone calls the first week you are in treatment.

After the first week, you will be able to have outside communication to call your temporary sponsor daily and other persons as agreed upon by you and your counselor.

Cell phone access is granted on a limited basis after therapeutic classes are finished for the day.

Calls regarding emergencies will be given to the patient as quickly as is possible. Our business phones are available for use in such circumstances. Cell phones from the US generally do not work in Costa Rica.

You may be allowed to send emails or chat during non-treatment hours after the first week, although we reserve the right to limit or omit this privilege for therapeutic or disciplinary reasons. Patients who are meeting treatment requirements will be given time to use an internet café where they can email, Skype, or use social media.

Postal mail in Costa Rica is EXTREMELY slow. You will probably be gone from the facility before any mail would arrive through traditional means. We recommend you use Federal Express or UPS for packages.

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