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5 Reasons to Get Clean Now

Every day we hear the horror stories from family members. One second their talking to their kid or spouse and the next, their standing over their coffin, struck with grief and shock at how the person they love so much is no longer going to be sitting across the table during holiday dinners.

Holidays, birthdays, and quite frankly every day will be a stark reminder how drugs turned their lives upside down. Today, in the United States drugs kill more people under 50 than car accidents. Actually it’s the number one killer of adults under the age of 50, and the statistics seem to be getting worse.

FACT: Families are on the front lines and are usually in denial “Not My Kid” Until it’s to late and they retire to an early grave.

Parents have to forget about how their image in the community is going to be affected by their child or loved one ending up in a structured environment for the treatment of addiction. All to often we hear stories where parents attributed their kids substance abuse as “a part of growing up” or “it’s just a phase”.

Let me make one thing very clear. It’s not a phase, it’s not normal, and it is certainly not a part of growing up. Drugs today are more powerful, addictive and destructive than they ever were. In fact, just one small amount of the synthetic heroin called fentanyal the size of a match head is powerful enough to stop you from breathing.

Furthermore, drugs like ecstasy and other “club drugs” are made in clandestine labs in Mexico. They mix these drugs with dangerous chemicals with zero regard about how peoples lives may be destroyed because of it. It’s all about the money and profits. The people they hurt or kill are simply a means to an end.


Sadly we’ve gone from a culture of lifting people up and encouraging people to a culture of mass incarceration. You’re more likely to do prison time for drug possession instead of get help from your local law enforcement agency. If you’re a first time offender they may offer you a treatment alternative to jail, but who really wants to wait until that happens?

Almost all of the 5 reasons to get clean now have to do with the likely event you’ll end up incarcerated. Once you get record of a drug arrest it follows you around forever. It stays on your PUBLIC record. When you get a background check for a job your arrest never gets erased from the memory of the internet.

Just try getting your arrest erased from Google and you’ll see what I mean.

The police are in the business of putting people behind bars The Judicial system and the prison industrial complex is meant to keep you in the system. Maybe 20 years ago you would find people in law enforcement that believed in building communities up, but not anymore.

Today, drugs will get you prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law with prejudice. In some countries like the Philippines they now execute drug users and dealers to set an example to others. Problem is, addiction is a disease, which there is no know cure. It can be arrested and at some point recovery is possible, that is of course if you live that long.

Community members and families have to work together to tackle the drug problem and not wait for it to go away on it’s own, cause it won’t!

The solution isn’t an easy, but it’s possible. Their are countless individuals that are desperate for help but many don’t know where to turn. There are centers popping up all over the country, but like during any national emergency many of them are taking advantage of the crisis in order to line their pockets at the expense of the grieving and dying charging 10’s of thousands of dollars without even a proven track record,.

Luckily, there are alternatives. Rehabs like Costa Rica Recovery which was voted the best rehab in Costa Rica doesn’t require families to take second mortgages on their homes to save the lives of their loved ones.

On the contrary, this rehab in Costa Rica charges less than $4500 for a 1 month stay, which includes a supervised detox. The only thing you pay extra for is medication. Compare that to a 5 day stay in a detox in the USA which could set you back between 12,000 and 20,000 dollars conservatively,

Community members have to work together to stop drugs from flowing into their neighborhoods because the criminal industrial complex has failed miserably and has left the onus on us to take the fight into our own hands. Our children’s lives depend on it.

Trust me, nobody wants to live the life of an addict, nobody! It’s a sad lonely life!

If you or a loved one has a problem with drugs or alcohol, there are affordable options with astounding results. Costa Rica Recovery has been on the front lines of addiction for over a decade and has a proven track record. Why? Because we understand that nobody wants to be a slave to drugs and alcohol, and we have a proven solution that works. Just read our reviews!

My Son Was A Patient

My 24 yer old son was a patient at Costa Rica Recovery in 2017. His life prior to CRR was sad to say the least. Rarely showed up for family gatherings. Lost 2 amazing girlfriends. He was hiding from emotional pain.

From the first contact I had with CRR, I was treated with kindness, direction, guidance, reassurance, & knowledge.

This was not easy for me to send my son (1) to rehab (2) to a foreign country.

My son has pep in his step for the first time in a long long time!!! He’s honest, focused, healthy, & happy!

We look forward to a long healthy life of ups & downs but nothing that can’t be handled SOBER!!

Would I recommend Costa Rica Recovery? Yes!!!! A million times over!

CRR gave my son the gift of clarity, soberness, peace, the ability to face the root of the problem & confidence.


Xoxo from Florida

Tanya … Small business owner


My life was spiraling out of control!

Before I came to Costa Rica Recovery my life was spiraling out of control. I was working only to do drugs.

My life basically revolved around drugs; where to score, who got the good stuff & watching out for cops.

I was making good money at my job, but 90% of my income was going to the dealer. I was going into neighborhoods that I would never go to if i was sober, like the south Bronx, at 4-5am.

Eventually, I lost my job, that only showed me how to steal,scam & beg for money to support my habit. One day after the euphoria of getting high wore off, I realized I needed help! I did some research & found CCR, and told my family that I wanted & needed their support. I landed in Costa Rica and turned a new leaf and started @ CCR.

It was the beginning of a new way of life for me.

My experience was great at Costa Rica Recovery at first it was hard. I hated weaning myself off drugs, and I wanted to give up many times but the counselors were understanding, tough but fair. But I’m glad I followed though and stuck with it.

The food was great and we did get out of the centers for outings, learned about meditation, and yoga that taught me about addiction and many more things. It was worth it, I ended up staying for 60 days which in my case was what i needed.

My life since the center has been a blessing. My relationship with my girl and family are stronger than ever. I have my dream job at an upscale place with great hours and good pay.

I’m loving life, I just completed a year of being drug-free and things couldn’t be better. My job is sending me to Europe so i can learn more culinary skills and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I sometimes look back at my life and cant believe i came so close to loosing everything because of some white powder and how it made me disregard everything dear to me.

The future looks bright and I plan to keep keep going forward.

I would recommend CCR to anybody who has a drug or alcohol problem. The way they approach the problem and help you was the best way for my case. Other centers lock you up and keep you medicated but I like going to classes and outings. It made me feel more like a real person and not just a number.

Henry C … Sous chef/food & beverage


My Goal Is To Maintain My Sobriety and Help Others

I had a 3 year battle with excessive alcohol. My family stepped in this last round and got me into Costa Rica Recovery

It was very professional and the center provided educational and entertaining classes and really great trips. The enter also took us to many of the 12 step meetings in the area. We were served 3 great meals every day along with gym time and yoga classes . The one on one counseling and the doctor visits were very helpful. Going on 3 months sober, and CRR certainly gave me a boost in the right direction. Thank you to all !!

I have a different perspective on addiction and have adjusted my life accordingly. The center cared for not only alcoholics, but other addictive problems.

My goal is to maintain my sobriety, use the tools learned at the center, and help others.

I would recommend the center. It is non intrusive, helpful, and is a great alternative to the institutional centers in other countries

Reg S. … Tax accountant


My Life Was In A Million Pieces

Before coming to Costa Rica Recovery Center my life seemed to have been in a million pieces. My struggles with drugs and alcohol had caught up to me. What was once a fun time seemed to now only be filled with problems, and what was worse was that I couldn’t stop.

I lost important relationships, couldn’t show up to work, and couldn’t handle any situation or obstacle, so I didn’t try. My integrity, confidence, self esteem, and physical state were in the gutter. I was isolated, terribly sick, fearful and full of regret.

I was defeated. I needed help. A friend with 10 years clean told me he found help at CRR and that they had saved his life. I decided it was that or I would eventually succumb to this disease.

The staff at CRR were understanding. They knew exactly what I needed and how to help me get off substances comfortably. Almost instantly I felt at home and was treated like family.

I nourished my body back with great food and exercise. I found out WHY I used and what I needed to do to live a healthy life. The education I received I take with me everyday. Along with all of that I made great friends and laughed more than I ever had before. I was finally ME!

Now, almost Seven months clean and sober, I am back to being a productive part of society. I have made so many meaningful relationships and mended old ones. People rely on me, and I show up! Waking up feeling healthy is something I never take for granted. My life has turned around and keeps progressively getting better.

Today I don’t have to be a prisoner and a slave to substances. Today I am not sick. Today I have hope. Most importantly, I think, is that I have found meaning in my life and know that without substances, I have a purpose. Costa Rica Recovery Center truly helped save my life.

Jen S (California) 2017 … Former Patient


My Life Was a Disaster, a Train Wreck Waiting to Happen.

My life was a disaster, a train wreck waiting to happen.

Costa Rica Recovery was the best rehabilitation center I have been to, as I have been several times to other treatment centers. There was great food, fun activities and interesting trips and events.

When you spend 1 2 or 3 months in this environment, you open your eyes to the reality of the situation.

I know in the future It is possible to be happy and responsible, we can all do it!

I would recommend Costa Rica Recovery because during my treatment the entire staff understood what I was going through and were very helpful, especially Tony.

Good luck to anyone who decides to make a change and thank you from my end to all who helped me while I was there. Thomas

Thomas G…. Self employed

Learn more about how relapse can kill and our proven holistic method of recovery here. The most important of the 5 reasons to get clean now is that you want to be happy and with drugs, there is no happiness, only pain.



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