Costa Rica Recovery Center offers medically supervised detox

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Costa Rica Rehab Center Offers Medically Supervised Detox for Opiate use



Costa Rica Recovery – Drug and Alcohol addiction Rehab Center

Let’s begin by clarifying that opiates do not refer exclusively to the use of illegal drugs like opium and heroin, opiates actually include some legal drugs such as morphine, oxycodone fentanyl, and codeine, often prescribed to treat pain.

In the United States, it is estimated that almost 2 million Americans use prescription opiates and more than half a million are addicted to heroin; this number continues to increase, as many people who are prescribed opiates enjoy the sensation caused by the use of the legal drugs and the long-term use can cause addiction, patients suffer withdrawals when they stop taking them, at which point many start using heroin because it is cheaper and many times easier to obtain. Sadly, people die every day from opiate overdose.

Opiates give users a sensation of well-being, however, the effect does not last long and many users develop tolerance, they need a higher dosage to feel good, and when they don’t take the drugs they feel sick and uncomfortable, they take more and more eventually triggering an addiction.

Opiate addiction requires professional help, it is difficult and dangerous for someone facing addiction to recover at home and with no professional supervision, strong withdrawals can even lead to seizures and other risks which can endanger the patient’s life, and almost always it will end in failure and frustration.

Seek the help of a professional rehab facility:

Costa Rica Recovery rehab facility located in Costa Rica, and certified as a treatment provider by the government of Costa Rica, the Institute on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (IAFA in Spanish), and the Health Ministry , offers supervised detox for patients addicted to opiates; in an interview, a representative of this recovery center explained what an adequate treatment for opiate addiction involves:

“Recovery from opiate addiction involves a detox treatment, this means slowly getting the substance out of the patient’s system, sometimes this involves the use of stabilizing medication given under medical supervision, for example, using decreasing doses of methadone is usually necessary to ensure a pain free detox”, stated Richard Lebow.

Detoxing from chronic opiate use or use of other opioid maintenance medications such as Suboxone, is psychologically challenging, therefore, it is necessary to seek help. Professional rehab facilities such as CostaRicaRecovery.net have trained clinical psychologists in staff to assure a healthy transition. It is virtually always recommended for drug and alcohol addicts to enter into residential treatment, detoxifying alone can lead to seizure risks, comas, cardiac arrest and even death”, he concluded.

A comprehensive treatment with professionals that understand what the patient is going through and that have all necessary tools, knowledge and personnel to handle any/all their needs gives addicts a better chance of recovery and a long-term well-being.

If you or someone close to you is dealing with opiate addiction or any other drug addiction, contact Costa Rica Recovery today. As a licensed facility, Costa Rica Recovery is able to provide necessary letters to courts and other government agencies with regard to patient treatment. Staff members have a wide range of experience including the Hazelden Foundation in the U.S.A and positions of clinical leadership in centers in Costa Rica.


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