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Costa Rica Recovery is an English-speaking residential and outpatient program for people suffering from substance use disorders. We use holistic treatment modalities along with psychotherapy and 12 Step Programs to soothe the mind, body and soul. Here you can find the way to sustainable recovery.
Located in San José Costa Rica, We are easily accessible, have a strong English-speaking support network, based in a beautiful friendly environment, and we are not cost prohibitive. We are a fully licensed and accredited drug and alcohol rehabilitation center with a well-established history, and respect the rights of our patients. Please get to know our team, our mission and vision, our treatment philosophy, and our admissions process.
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Why is Costa Rica Recovery treatment center the best choice of international treatment center?

Affordable and easily accessible

Time and space away from triggers

Caring and compassionate team

Affordable and easily accessible

Our goals for every patient are:

  • Establish and maintain abstinence from ALL mood-altering drugs.
  • Utilize and find relief in The 12 Steps.
  • Build community with people in recovery and reconnect with loved ones.
  • Enjoy an improved quality of life on a journey of self-discovery and continued recovery.
We have a proven track record of success. Spend a day around our drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and you will see all of the lives that have been changed as a result of our high-quality treatment.

Adventure, Fun, Growth and Self-Discovery

We make sure to get out for adventure. Hikes, Beaches, waterfalls, banana farms, coffee farms, and strolls in the neighborhood are part of our program

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What to Expect:

The chance to step back, recharge and create a new plan. Rehab abroad can provide the opportunity to focus solely on the healing process.

Start the journey to recovery today.

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