Why is Costa Rica the best place for a rehab center?

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Mar 14

The Ideal Conditions for your Rehabilitation are in Costa Rica

us-crRehabilitation is understood as the restoration of good health through therapy and training; however, this definition falls short in explaining all the elements that must converge in order to have a successful recovery. Experts understand that patients dealing with different types of addictions require of a rehab center that offers a comprehensive approach and provides the best possible conditions for their recovery; which is why more and more patients turn to rehab centers in Costa Rica each year.

Why is Costa Rica the best place for a rehab center?

It is no secret that Costa Rica is one of the preferred destinations for different forms of medical tourism, drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs being one of them; this is a result of a number of factors:

Location, location, location: it is all about location; being surrounded by nature, in a place with beautiful warm weather has proven to be healing for the body, mind and spirit, which is what makes Costa Rica the best place for a rehab center. The country’s location is also ideal for those patients traveling from North and South America since it’s just a few hours’ flight.

“When someone is seeking help to put their life back together, and they dealing with an illness, sometimes getting away from their current environment is the first and most needed step towards a change; stepping outside of their comfort zone allows patients to change their perspective and get a clearer understanding of their condition”, explained phycologist Paola Cravioto, Clinical Director at Costa Rica Recovery.

Professional care: the country has highly educated bilingual professionals, this makes foreign patients feel comfortable and allows them to receive excellent, first class, comprehensive care. For instance, rehabilitation facilities such as Costa Rica Recovery are licensed by the Ministry of Health; they are also certified as a treatment center for alcoholism and drug addiction by the Costa Rican Institute of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (IAFA for its Spanish name). In addition, the country is a member of the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium (IC & RC), which means that counselor certifications are similar to those of Boards in other jurisdictions such as the United States.

Price: Believe it or not, rehab centers are far more affordable in Costa Rica than the United States, and the quality of the service is excellent.

If you are searching for the right place to make a positive change in your life, don’t think twice; Costa Rica is the ideal place to start your rehab program, contact Costa Rica Recovery, call Toll free 1-866-804-1793


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