Typical Day

As the sun rises over the suburbs of San Jose, clients at Costa Rica Recovery wake up for a full day of recovery related activities. A typical day starts with a 45 minute session in the gym. We recognize daily exercise (self-care) as an important part of a continued reconciliation with self. We then move to a prepared breakfast and morning lectures. Morning activities may include a meditation session, recovery based classes, group therapy or focusing class.

At noon our clients have a lunch and then attend a 12-Step group meeting. After the meeting we have 2 more sessions where we study practical recovery, anger management, relapse prevention or address activities directly related to the client’s individual treatment plan.

By the late afternoon clients have some free time they can spend working on assignments, reading literature, taking a dip in the pool, or visiting the internet café. After dinner, clients can watch tv, socialize, work on assignments or attend another 12-step meeting off campus if they make arrangements.

On weekends, clients enjoy a more relaxed schedule while continuing to work their program of recovery. A typical day includes a lightly structured schedule provides a great deal of flexibility. Clients can entertain visitors, meet with their sponsors, attend meetings and relax.

Once every 3 weeks we take a field trip to a beach, the mountains, or another interesting area of Costa Rica. Experiencing the beauty of Costa Rica along with the new found freedom from active addiction is as rewarding an experience as we can provide..