Rehab Centers, U.S. vs Costa Rica, Which is Cheaper?

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Mar 14
Costa Rica Recovery

Price is an Important Consideration


Costa Rica Recovery – Rehab Center

When searching for alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation center alternatives many elements come into question. Probably one of the most common inquires and defining aspects has to do with the costs involved.

Although both the United Stated and Costa Rica have great options for rehab centers, the cost of drug and alcohol addiction treatment is cheaper in Costa Rica. The reason for this is simple, the difference resides in wages and service fees.  Although Costa Rica is not a cheap country, these two elements make the difference.  This is also the reason many foreign companies establish their operation centers in this Central American country. They are able to get highly educated professionals for a fraction of what they would pay in the United States and the amount paid in water, electricity and other services is also a portion of the cost in the United States.

Affordable and effective rehab centers

These differences allow rehab centers such as Costa Rica Recovery to offer a comprehensive service to men and women suffering of addiction. Their team is formed by counselors, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists; all experienced in handling drug and alcohol related addictions. Costa Rica Recovery is a non-profit organization.  We have different options of treatment including residential, outpatient care and post-relapse recovery, with plans for 30, 60 and 90 days; their price is less than a quarter of what a similar service would run in the United States.

Patients that choose Costa Rica to begin their recovery of drug and alcohol addictions will find a great balance between price and quality of service. Personalized care make the experience a pleasant and redefining one .

The country offers a great deal of outdoor activities and recreation possibilities.  These will speed up the recovery process allowing patients to find peace, heal, connect with nature.  At the same time clients will reconnect with themselves while also caring for their physical health.

Costa Rica has a large community of recovering addicts both locals and foreigners. They come together to provide that additional support network that every patient requires.

If you wan to make a positive change in your life, consider Costa Rica Recovery.

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