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​5 Simple Ways To Recharge Your Recovery Even If You've Been Clean and Sober For a Long Time

​It May be Easier Than Your Think To Recharge Your Recovery

​Often that pink cloud can give way to the harsh realities of life can take us backwards a bit.  We may go from feeling really grateful for being in recovery to miserable for not having the ease and comfort that we see others experiencing.  It could be that we lost the joy of living a long time ago, and we've been edging near the door thinking that maybe it will be different this time ​or meetings aren't for us anymore.  Whatever your case, indeed it might be time to start making a few changes​​​.  Here's a short list I've compiled that are sure to recharge your recovery and get you back on the grateful train.  

​ 1. Change Your Meeting Places

​Venturing out and making new meetings in different areas among different groups is a great way to recharge your recovery and get your mind in the same place your ass is.  Meeting new people, hearing different voices, and absorbing happy and positive messages can be a great way to get your mind out of the shitter and back to the realty that life ain't half bad as long as we change our perspectives from negative to positive

​2. Going on a Retreat

​You don't have to get your backpack out and hop on a plane to India to recharge your recovery and benefit from a 12 step or meditation retreat.  There are some great sources on the internet that you can use to find a retreat in your area.  Here's a couple of links I've found to make your life easier.  For 12 step retreats check this and you can find a whopping 365 meditations retreats here.  Either way, if you want a quick fix to get your mind refocused a retreat is a good way to do it

​3. Getting Back to Basics-Picking Up Commitments

​We all know that getting a commitment helps us reaffirm our belief that recovery is what works.  Sometimes the simple act of dedicating ourselves to the group or area can be enough to right our thinking.  ​ ​​​​​​​​​I have seen cranky old folk turn into recovery swamis almost overnight simply by picking up a commitment

​4. For More Advanced Users-Step Work

​Step work can be a liberating process for new and old members alike.  ​Step work can really help you if you're backed into a corner and need to hear that proverbial "POP" (the sound our head makes after it is carefully removed from that dark place)  Sometimes in order to recharge your recovery taking the old-school step working approach can be just what you need.  Don't fight it.  

​5. Just Going to Pick People Up and Drive Them Home

​For me, this always seems to work.  The simple act of picking people up and dropping them off while at the same time listening to their tales of woe can be enough to snap me out of that rough spot.  I can forget what it was like to be coming in for the first time, (or the 10th for that matter) and feeling as though I didn't belong.  My car is the best tool I have at my disposal to get my perspective in check.  

Hopefully this short list will help you iron out the wrinkles in your recovery.  Just writing this list has helped me​

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