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Feb 17


Costa Rica Recovery – The best place to begin your recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction

People dealing with an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs have been turning to one rehabilitation facility in Costa Rica for 10+ years now with great success, Costa Rica Recovery.

Why Getting Away From Your Environment is Good For Your Recovery

There are many factors have led to Costa Rica Recovery’s success. Their comprehensive program is far more affordable than private care facilities in North America.  The location is ideal for patients from North America since it’s a short flight from most major cities. Additionally, favorable weather provides a nice escape from the frigid North American winters. This allows for more outdoor activities, e.g. beach trips, hiking, games, picnics, etc.

“Usually getting away from the environment where a person is doing the most damage allows for a necessary change in perspective”, explained Paola Cravioto (M.PS.C), Clinical Director Costa Rica Recovery.

Costa Rica Recovery is a Licensed Rehab Center

CR Recovery is licensed by the Ministry of Health. Costa Rica Recovery is also certified as a treatment center for alcoholism and drug addiction by the Costa Rican Institute of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (IAFA for its Spanish name). In addition, the country is a member of the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium (IC & RC). The counselor certifications are similar to those of Boards in other jurisdictions such as the United States.

North Americans residing in Costa Rica, either by their own making or by life’s circumstance are living in some level of isolation. Language barriers and cultural obstacles often lead to people drinking/drugging more than they were back home.

“Costa Rica has a thriving English speaking recovery community with 12-step meetings in every major beach town and several in San Jose. People in early recovery must get connected with a healthy community of recovering alcoholic/addicts if they hope to promote major changes in their lives”, commented Jim Dopp, President of Costa Rica Recovery.

One of the major concerns every patient has is the cost of attending a rehab center in Costa Rica. However, when compared to similar alternatives in the United States, the Costa Rica Recovery’s prices are extremely reasonable. “Costa Rica Recovery has managed to keep our price point very reasonable despite the ever increasing cost of living. Providing affordable, effective treatment remains our primary objective.” Jim Dopp, President Costa Rica Recovery

If you are searching for the right place to make a positive change in your life, take the step now. Your health and the well-being of those around you will improve dramatically. Call Richard at Costa Rica Recovery (506) 8348-6369; he will address any questions you may have.


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