Confidentiality Policy

Costa Rica Recovery Confidentiality Policy

We know that guarding against inappropriate use or disclosure of confidential information is important to our patients. We expect all of our employees and stake holders to comply with our confidentiality policy and to safeguard against any inappropriate use or disclosure of Confidential Information. We expect employees to keep confidential all client or participant information, and all information concerning individuals who seek information about Costa Rica Recovery services, whether or not such person is or was a patient.

Our goal is to protect the identity of people seeking drug and alcohol treatment and we ask patients to give their written consent before disclosing any information to third parties.

There are very limited exceptions to this confidentiality policy which includes:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Crimes on the premises or against staff
  • On-going maltreatment of children or the elderly
  • Court Order
  • Death

Release of information must be limited to information necessary to fulfill the stated purpose for the disclosure.