International Overdose Awareness day

Date: 08/18/17 8:41 PM

I was shocked when I came across a page promoting International Overdose Awareness day while searching the internet for articles about the impact of drug overdoses.  Although I was shocked because I hadn’t heard of this day before It certainly made sense to me.  Why?  Today there are so many people dying from drug overdoses … Continue reading International Overdose Awareness day

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Beating Addiction Video Testimonial – Max

Date: 05/30/17 2:24 PM

A powerful testimonial from Max, an opiate addict, who recently celebrated 9 month clean is beating his addiction. Max came to Costa Rica Recovery a broken man with very little hope for the future.  Max just wanted the pain to stop, and guess what?  It did! In this video Max discusses 90 days of treatment … Continue reading Beating Addiction Video Testimonial – Max

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Costa Rica Recovery — Testimonial

Date: 05/22/17 2:14 PM

CRR   Costa Rica Recovery Testimonial — May 2017  By Jenna Caroll There are times in our lives when people from different walks of life, with different goals, dreams and needs found common ground and came together to face change together. Here is my testimonial.  Costa Rica Recovery was one of those times for me.  My … Continue reading Costa Rica Recovery — Testimonial

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Costa Rica Recovery Center offers medically supervised detox

Date: 03/30/17 11:23 AM

Costa Rica Rehab Center Offers Medically Supervised Detox for Opiate use 3/24/2017 Costa Rica Recovery – Drug and Alcohol addiction Rehab Center Let’s begin by clarifying that opiates do not refer exclusively to the use of illegal drugs like opium and heroin, opiates actually include some legal drugs such as morphine, oxycodone fentanyl, and … Continue reading Costa Rica Recovery Center offers medically supervised detox

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Rehab Centers, U.S. vs Costa Rica, Which is Cheaper?

Date: 03/14/17 10:30 AM

Price is an Important Consideration   Costa Rica Recovery – Rehab Center When searching for alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation center alternatives many elements come into question. Probably one of the most common inquires and defining aspects has to do with the costs involved. Although both the United Stated and Costa Rica have great options … Continue reading Rehab Centers, U.S. vs Costa Rica, Which is Cheaper?

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Why is Costa Rica the best place for a rehab center?

Date: 03/14/17 9:25 AM

The Ideal Conditions for your Rehabilitation are in Costa Rica By Laura Alvarado– March 1, 2017 Rehabilitation is understood as the restoration of good health through therapy and training; however, this definition falls short in explaining all the elements that must converge in order to have a successful recovery. Experts understand that patients dealing with different … Continue reading Why is Costa Rica the best place for a rehab center?

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Costa Rica Star highlights Costa Rica Recovery

Date: 02/17/17 3:43 PM

  Costa Rica Recovery – The best place to begin your recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction By Laura Alvarado– December 29, 2016 People dealing with an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs have been turning to one rehabilitation facility in Costa Rica for 10+ years now with great success, Costa Rica Recovery. Why Getting Away From Your Environment … Continue reading Costa Rica Star highlights Costa Rica Recovery

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90 day Rehab Stay

Date: 03/14/16 9:46 AM

Have you considered what would happen if you had a 90 day rehab stay? What can you expect from your treatment here at CRR? Listen in to this special edition of The SHAIR Podcast Recovery from Addiction Stories and find out! Rule 62 – Episode 05 – 90 Days in Rehab

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“Do the connotations associated with addiction lingo exacerbate the problems with which they’re affiliated?”

Date: 03/14/16 9:39 AM

Do We Need to Stop Calling People Junkies and Addicts?

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Meet Jake: A Story of Drug Addiction and Recovery

Date: 01/21/16 9:42 AM

Real people tell real stories.

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