What not to bring

Upon admission, our staff will examine you and check your belongings for restricted items.  Here is a list of what not to bring

Restricted Items

  • Non-prescription medications (i.e., Advil, Tylenol, etc.), vitamins, herbs, or nutritional supplements.
  • Excessive or expensive jewelry.
  • Radios, tape recorders, laptops, electronic address books, audio/video equipment, TVs, or cameras. Use of CD players, tapes/CDs iPods or any type of portable media players and cell phones will be restricted.
  • Exercise equipment, craft materials, musical instruments, or irons.
  • Reading material not related to recovery. Novels, magazines, or publications may not be brought in. Books relevant to treatment will be assessed upon arrival.
  • Pillows or blankets
  • Shoe polish, soap, detergent, or bleach
  • Glass items
  • Straight razors, razorblades, pocketknives, knitting needles, crochet hooks, or metal hairpieces
  • Suntan oils or baby oils (substitute with lotions)
  • Products containing alcohol (i.e., mouthwash, aftershave, facial toner, perfume, perfumed lotions, etc.)
  • Food
  • Smokeless tobacco, cigars, or pipes
  • Illegal substances or mood-altering drugs
  • Firearms and/or supplies
  • Clothing that depicts alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, gambling, or sports teams (or any clothing deemed inappropriate by staff) is not allowed. No bare midriffs, low-cut tops, form-fitting clothing (including Lycra tights or running or biking shorts). Jeans and clothing must not have suggestive tears or cutouts.
  • Prescription medications other than a 3-day supply will be returned upon discharge. All controlled substances, however, will be destroyed unless the prescription is ordered by a staff physician.
  • It is recommended that you lock up any valuables not in your immediate possession. We have a safe for items but Costa Rica Recovery, S.A. does not accept liability for such items.