10 Year History


Jim Dopp, the founder of Costa Rica Recovery, came to Costa Rica years ago as a clinical consultant to a long standing Spanish speaking program. After spending some time here, he recognized the unique characteristics Costa Rica would offer to an internationally based English speaking clientele. Unlike most other developing countries, Costa Rica has a well developed national licensing program that assures quality care, and a system for accrediting addiction counselors at a level equal to the United States. Educational training at university and graduate levels meets recognized standards.
In addition, because of the lower cost-of-living, the cost of establishing and maintaining a full service treatment process could be substantially less than in the United States and European countries. And because Jim believes that profit should not be the guiding force of a treatment program, Costa Rica has even more appeal as a location, because of a tax structure supportive of not-for-profit corporations. Costa Rica seemed then, and has since proven to be, an almost ideal place to start an English speaking treatment program that is affordable to a wider range of clients.

10 Year History

With the commitment and financial support of a group of concerned business people, the development of Costa Rica Recovery began in 2006, and clients were in treatment in a temporary facility by the end of the year. Jim brought with him a unique knowledge of addiction treatment, and favores a modification of the well-established Minnesota Model. Patients are encouraged to personalize and make progress in a twelve step program.

As such it is essential that Costa Rica Recovery be integrated with an established recovery community. Our present facility is close to both Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous (AA/NA) groups, and clients are expected to attend meetings on a daily basis as an integral part of their treatment process.
We recognize that addiction is a chronic condition. For this reason our facility is open to those seeking help, whether for primary treatment or for those already in long term recovery experiencing unusual stress and needing extra support to “weather the storm”. Individuals in recovery are welcomed to take in a class here and there, join a group working on a problem specific to them, or just stop by to have a bite to eat. We are proud of the quantity and quality of our volunteers, who run the gamut from simply helping with transportation, to retirees with experience in the treatment field.

As part of our 10 year history and community outlook, we encourage addiction professionals from other countries to visit us, to share our common experiences, and to help one another improve. Prospective clients and their families are also encouraged to visit us, tour our facility, and get answers to questions and concerns.
Costa Rica Recovery has been helping addicts and alcoholics break the destructive cycle of addiction for 9 years.

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